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Cuccio Veneer UV LED Gel Top Guaranteed Shine with a No Scratch Formula 13ml

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    Cuccio Veneer UV LED Gel Top Guaranteed Shine with A No Scratch FormulaA high gloss UV LED top coat guaranteed to keep its shine with no scratch formula. Cure under 36 watts UV lamp for 2 minutes or LED lamp for 30 seconds.A nail technician deserves the best tools for their work. Cuccio Professional offer all the accessories that a nail technician will need to complete the nail extension service.Cuccio were extremely proud to announce the launch of our long awaited New Fourth Generation UV Polish. This product has been designed with the very latest technology in mind and really does have a cutting edge ingredient base, which includes the exclusion of Nitrocellulose.This product unlike the majority on the market has no Nitrocellulose in it; this is the solvent that evaporates and causing thickening of the Gel. Working with this product you will find that the application is extremely thin giving the clients the feel that they really do just have their nails painted, unlike some hybrids that can leave the nail feeling like it has a coating on it.The quality of ingredients used through the manufacture of Veneer means that we have exceptional colour depth and so 2 coat application is really only ever needed. You will achieve not just a 2 week manicure but a product that will last on your clients nails as long as they want to wear it.The lack in Nitrocellulose also means that you can still custom blend the same way that you could with Pronto again, giving your clients that special chance to have the perfect colour for them, not to mention that the nail art ideas are endless.More reasons to switch to Cuccio.Box Contains1 x Cuccio Veneer UV LED Gel Top Guaranteed Shine with A No Scratch Formula - 13ml


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