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NSI Attraction Acrylic -PROFESSIONAL KIT - Complete Nail System

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    NSI Atrraction Acrylic Professional Kit
    Attraction Acrylic System empowers the user to create captivating enhancements, effortlessly.
    The unique flow and spring back action are unsurpassed.

    Kit includes:

    Attraction Nail Liquid - 3.9oz / 118mL
    Radiant White Powder - 1.4oz / 40g
    Sheer Pink Powder - 1.4oz / 40g
    Totally Clear Powder - 1.4oz / 40g
    Radiant Pink Powder - 0.5oz / 14g
    Extreme Pink Powder - 0.24oz / 7g
    Purely Pink Powder - 0.24oz / 7g
    Purely Pink Masque Powder - 0.24oz / 7g
    Winning White Powder - 0.24oz / 7g
    Attract (Acid-Free) Primer - 0.23oz / 7mL
    Sani-Pure Spray - 2oz / 59mL
    Nailpure Plus - 2.4oz / 70mL
    Cleanse - 2oz / 59mL
    Nail Wipes - 10ct
    Attract (Acid-Free) Primer - 0.23oz / 7mL
    #8 Grand Kolinsky Brush
    Brush Cleaner - 2oz / 59mL
    Large Dappen Dish with Lid
    Platinum Nail Forms - 30ct
    Elation! Natural Nail Tips - 150ct (assorted #1-10)
    Elation! White Nail Tips - 150ct (assorted #1-10)
    Elation! Clear Nail Tips - 150ct (assorted #1-10)
    Polybond Adhesive Clear - 0.23oz / 7mL
    Line Out - 0.23oz / 7mL
    Endurance 100/100 Grit File
    Endurance 150/150 Grit File
    Endurance 180/180 Grit File
    Endurance 180/240 Grit Buffer
    Lavender Block Buffer
    Glaze 'n Go - 0.23oz / 7mL
    Nurture Oil - 0.5oz / 15mL
    nsi Beyond the Basics DVD
    Instructions & Cautions

    Brand : NSI

    Product Code : NSI0077

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